Where in the OS do we introducing GNOME

I think that GNOME doesn't clearly advocate itself, in
the desktop itself.
GNOME's goals and objectives are only placed in the
User's Gnome, even though most users don't read User's
Guides, or only do after a long time.

I noticed GNOME having this fault, just after I
subscribed to blockbuster, and even if I dislike them
for their cutting of films, I was charmed by the
introductory papers they gave me, telling what
Blockbuster is, "all convenience in one store", etc.
And also because I have to daily debunk the idea that
GNU/Linux is just about being gratis and better than
Windows, and then get ignorant looks when I tell them
about the freedom to copy, sell, and modify the
software, I think that such an introduction should

It could be put in the About window, or in the 1st tip
on the startup hint dialog, or in a Welcome window
that would appear the first time Gnome is run.

What do you think?

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