Re: Where in the OS do we introducing GNOME


Have you read Raymond's Cathedral and the Bazaar, which he's published with
O'Reilly books? I konw he's not popular with some people but a summary of
that might be a good intro to the OS, if not to GNOME.



> I think that GNOME doesn't clearly advocate itself, in
> the desktop itself.
> GNOME's goals and objectives are only placed in the
> User's Gnome, even though most users don't read User's
> Guides, or only do after a long time.
> I noticed GNOME having this fault, just after I
> subscribed to blockbuster, and even if I dislike them
> for their cutting of films, I was charmed by the
> introductory papers they gave me, telling what
> Blockbuster is, "all convenience in one store", etc.
> And also because I have to daily debunk the idea that
> GNU/Linux is just about being gratis and better than
> Windows, and then get ignorant looks when I tell them
> about the freedom to copy, sell, and modify the
> software, I think that such an introduction should
> exist.
> It could be put in the About window, or in the 1st tip
> on the startup hint dialog, or in a Welcome window
> that would appear the first time Gnome is run.
> What do you think?
> Eduardo
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