Re: window-in-window MDI


Window-in-window MDI doesn't have to be done the Microsoft way.  Here's a
suggestion for an alternative:

Instead of having window-in-window MDI managed by an application, have it
managed by the window-manager as a generalisation of multiple desk-tops.  I.e.,
the containing window is created by the window manager, and the window manager
decorates & managers the child windows, just like any normal top-level window.

Enlightenment all but does this already - its desktops are already windows in
their own right, but they don't have the full range of window management
options of a 'normal' window.

I suspect that it wouldn't be too much trouble in most WMs to make desktops
into first-class windows with all the usual controls.

We could then extend the GNOME WM hints to enable things like reparenting menus
and toolbars to a desktop window, if desired.

This could provide a look-and-feel very similar to Microsoft window-in-window,
but also give more flexibility (e.g., group windows from different applications
in the same container window, and all the user to move windows from one
container to another).


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