Re: w-in-W mdi

On Mon, 3 Apr 2000 wrote:

> George wrote
> > So as long as it's not the default but something the user must expend effort
> > towards turning it on, it's ok by me.
> Well, as I wanted to say the last time (and probably did say to some people at
> GUADEC) if we want this type of MDI then we should remove this function
> gnome_mdi_set_mode. This allows the programmer to set what MDI mode the program
> uses, overriding the users preferences. 
> I would also say that all functions that allow programmers to programatically
> override the users preferences (from the control centre capplets), should be
> depreciated for GNOME-libs2

Only, if different modes are COMPLETELY transparent to programmer. Current
MDI modes are not.


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