Extremely urgend call for help to all german/european gnome folks

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Hello german/european gnome folks,

I just got an urgend call for help from Martin Schulze who is organizing
the Multimedia-Market, which will take place in Stuttgart/Germany vom
April 9-12 (this weekend).

They have been "abandoned" by KDE and now they ask whether we want to
run a GNOME booth instead of the KDE one.

Guys, this is our change to help promoting GNOME in Germany !

I already answered that I'll be there at least three days (most likely from
Sunday to Tuesday since this is also the time of the talks) - and, luckily
I already have my Branschweig-GNOME-Talk ready, so I'll also replace their
KDE 2.0 talk with a GNOME one !

However, I still need your help - running a GNOME booth alone at such kind
of event is _very_ hard, but I'll do it even if noone else volunteers.

So please, if you have time this weekend/monday-tuesday - every help would
be greatly appreciated. If it's only a question of travel expenses /
accomodations, just ask Martin Schulze or maybe even HelixCode - I'm sure
one of them can handle this.

It's so important to promote GNOME in Germany, especially in Germany which
is still a very KDE-dominated country - and now we have the chance to promote
GNOME to a larger public.

Please contact Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE> for all
questions, I have nothing to do with the organisation - just promised him
to help.

If someone of you still has CDs, T-Shirts, Posters, whatever which we can
use for the GNOME booth, please contact me as soon as possible - this thing
is already this weekend.

Martin Baulig - martin@home-of-linux.org - http://www.home-of-linux.org

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        Judith Samson <judith.samson@usaserve.net>,
        Martin Baulig <martin@home-of-linux.org>,
        Christian Schaller <Uraeus@linuxrising.org>
Subject: Gnome Booth Schnellgemacht?
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wir haben einen "gewissen" Engpass, da uns das KDE-Team ein wenig
im Stich gelassen hat.  Vom 8. bis 12. April findet in Stuttgart
die Multimedia-Market statt, auf der jetzt noch ein 9qm Stand
frei ist.  Dort ist ein Linux-Pavillon mit non-commercial booths:
LinuxTag und Debian sowie kommerziellen Staenden.

Habt ihr eine Chance, Sachen zusammenzukloppen und dort einen
Stand zu betreiben?

Wenn ihr in den naechsten Tagen noch ein Poster mit folgender
LaTeX-Klasse erstellt, kann ich das vielleicht auch noch bis
dahin ausgedruckt bekommen (braucht viel Glueck...):



Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

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