Re: GtkStyle ???

Have you read the GTK tutorial?

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, DEVIN Florent wrote:

> Hi,
> This is the begining of a GtkStyle
>    GtkStyleClass *klass;
Each of these arrays provides a value for each of the 5 widget states.
Use the GTK_STATE_* enum values as indexes into the arrays.

>    GdkColor fg[5];
The colour used to draw the foreground of a widget
>    GdkColor bg[5];
The background colour
>    GdkColor light[5];
The highlight for 3d boxes
>    GdkColor dark[5];
the shadow for 3d boxes
>    GdkColor mid[5];
don't know
>    GdkColor text[5];
the colour used to draw text in entries, etc
>    GdkColor base[5];
background for text entries.
>    GdkColor black;
>    GdkColor white;
>    GdkFont *font;
Font for drawing text in the widget.

> Someone can tell me on what they are in charge of ?
> I know they are in charge of the color and the font. But how they affect
> the widget ?
> -- 
> Florent DEVIN


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