Re: [OT] Mail user agents

David Lazaro Saz <> writes:

>    Could you please recommend me another mail user agent?  It'll be
> real nice if you tell me why you are using it appart from which one
> you are using it.

I use Gnus, an email mailer. 

It treats email the same as newsgroups.  You filter mail into
different groups (using either built-in rules or procmail).  Just like
news, when you have new mail in a group, it'll show you.  It can use
adaptive scoring for any groups to ensure that you only read what you
want or need to read.  

Downside is that it runs in Emacs.  If you don't like Emacs, you
probably won't like Gnus.  That said, it's probably one of the best
mailers these days for large amounts of mail.  (But I only get about
300 messages a day these days, so I'm on the low end of the curve.)

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