Re: Intro to GNOME and the FSF

--- cd bates <> wrote:
> I was thinking, there's no reason we can't have a
> longer intro to GNOME and
> the FSF, we'd just have to put the links to the
> other help files first so
> people don't have to scroll a long way down the page
> to get to them.
Well, it is a help browser, not an introduction to all
these concepts. Also, I guess what you said before was
right, we better make it short so it's easier and
faster to read and understand.

Also, there's no need to talk about GNU/Linux, because
GNOME is already up and running in other OS's.

I'm going to send you a better comment on your changes
later, and then we should bring this discussion to the, so more people can discuss
it and change it, and obviously finally put it in the
CVS(I don't have access to it).

If you're not subscribed to that mailing list, send an
empty e-mail with just the word subscribe to


> an altered page based on attached. Tell me what you
> think.
> Yours,
> Chris.
> Hugo, I was very careful to write and GNU/Linux for
> you!

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