Re: [OT] Mail user agents

On Sat  8 Apr 2000 12:00:53 David Lazaro Saz wrote:
>    Could you please recommend me another mail user agent?  It'll be
> real nice if you tell me why you are using it appart from which one
> you are using it.
>    Thank you.

I use Balsa. It's pretty much a Eudora clone. 0.6 has been out for
a while but, as a Balsa developer (which is why I'm asking you to
use it :-) ) I can say that 0.8 is coming soon, and it's getting
nicer and nicer.

Network-related things can be a bit hairy (IMAP, POP3, and SMTP),
but I can say that, combined with procmail, Balsa works very well
for managing your mail. I am very rarely frustrated when using
Balsa -- occasionally moving messages around doesn't work right,
but I've never lost mail, and Balsa hasn't crashed for a while.

I'd like to ask you, and all you other Gnome folks on the list,
to give 0.8 a try when it comes out, or grab a CVS version now.

Peter Williams

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