Gnome dateentry widget patches

Here are some patches I have made to the gnome-dateentry.[hc] files to
do the following:

1. Add routines to handle dates in 'struct tm' and 'GDate' formats.
2. Modify the internal routines to use 'g_date' functions from glib to
   parse/format the dates (should handle i18n issues)

Problems remaining with the widget

1. What to do when user passes bad information into the widget
   (such as passing a bad month in to yhe gnome-date_new_dmy)
   Currently it seems to put in a random date.
2. The size of the entry fields is hardcoded to 90. If you use
   a larde font (Blind man mode as one of mu lusers calls it),
   you only see a portion of the date. It should resize based on
   the font (big enough to hole 88/88/8888), and should resize
   if the theme is changed.


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