Re: Using bonobo objects

> I've see gnumeric screenshots that showed charts done using those
> objects. My questions:
> *Are the components that implement those charts part of gnumeric or do
> they have their own package?

It ships in Gnumeric, but it does not depend on Gnumeric.

> *Is bonobo stable enough that it is worth programming for? In many
> places gnumeric is referenced as a "test bed" as if it were not
> production code yet.

That is correct.  Bonobo is stable enough, but it is still changing.
Programmers sometimes have to update their code after we have gone
trough bonobo.

> *Is there any simple program out there that I can use to copy optional
> corba-gnome features in

Yes, Gnumeric's has all the details you want (and uses
one of the simplest test mechanisms available)


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