Re: gnome_config

On 16 Apr 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Rodrigo Moya <> writes:
> > 
> > is gnome_config going to be moved to glib as was said some weeks ago?
> > 
> I think that was gnome-config the library module script, not
> gnome_config the config file parser. Based on past conversations,
> moving gnome_config the config file parser to glib is highly unlikely.

If there is going to be something like the gnome-config script in glib, it
would be nice if it handled dependencies between packages properly.
Currently each of the * scripts contains all libraries and flags
necessary to use the library.

This means that if for instance the new version of glib requires an extra
compilation flag (not very likely -- just chosen as an example), you have
to update all the * files that include glib's cflags/libs.  It
would be nice if installing the new version would not require changes to
all these other files.

I wrote a (messy) gnome-config replacement a long time ago that handled
dependencies.  I could try to find it again if anyone is interested.

> Havoc


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