Re: The names of the packages (Re: ANNOUNCE: libxml-2.0.0 is released)

Havoc Pennington <> writes:

> Karl Eichwalder <> writes: 
> > I'm always wondering what will fit best.  Wouldn't it be better to
> > number the "old" version?
> > 
> >     libxml1
> >     libxml and libxml-devel (= version 2)
> > 
> You can't rename already-released things, the point of renaming the
> new stuff is to keep the old stuff working.

Actually, renaming already released things is at least
Red Hat's standard. From Karl's post, it appears that 
SuSE follows the same convention.

What you do is distribute a new libxml1 along with
the libxml and libxml-devel pacakges. 

I'm not saying I completely agree with the practice
100%, but I think we should stick with it where it
is standarad.


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