Re: gnome_app_insert_menus

On 4/19/00 at 3:05 PM, (paul sanford toney) wrote:


> gnome_app_insert_menus_with_data (
>     my_app_ptr,
>     my_menu_path_str,
>     menuinfo,
>     my_mdi_ptr);

confessional debugging at its most efficient: i just realized that the
`_with_data` variant of gnome_app_insert_menus actually sets the user_data field
of the menu structure (even though you can just set it yourself). the `garbage`
i was getting in my callback was precisely the value i was passing it, namely, a
pointer to my mdi object. doh!

thanks for the private responses, which clued me in to what i was doing wrong.


  /\    paul sanford toney
 /()\    pst at stilton dot com
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