MDI implementation

Hi all...

I have a question regarding MDIs. Yes I know that this is a hot topic,
but I really want a MDI system like those in Windows. Note that I don't
want a MDI system that is composed of several tabs, I want separate
inner windows.

Well, to the point! When designing such a thing, it would be nice if one
could emulate the titlebars from the currently set window manager. What
I am trying to say is that would be nice if the titlebar of the inner
windows reassemble those found on real toplevel windows, which in turn
depends on the currently selected window manager. Moreover, if the
window manager changes or if a new theme is selected the MDI application
should change its interface as well.

Do there exist any API to do this? If not, is there any plan on
implementing one?

All suggestions, points, etc are welcome...

Regards Niklas

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