Re: [Gnome-print] Re: RFC: A draft proposal ...

> If you want a really exotic fill type, you'll have to rasterize it
> anyways in a custom way for each printer.  Doing it on the application
> side instead of the printer driver side lets you avoid a lot of
> interpretation an complexity in the metafiles.

A4 in 100dpi RGB is 2.9MB. 100dpi is reasonable resolution both for screen
previews and simple inkjets. Really good inkjets would be more happy with
ca. 200 dpi.
Remember - this beast will be saved in parent master document - thus
bloating its size.
And how does innocent bonobo component know, whether its parent will be
priniting it to dot-matrix or imagesetter?

> As for rasterizing something and then clipping the result with a path,
> well, that's libart's problem.  Someone needs to add the necessary
> functionality to avoid generating a mask of the clipping path and then
> doing the clipping by hand.  It may just be an issue of writing a
> filling callback; look at how the SVP rendering code in libart simply
> uses a callback that actually paints the pixels.

There is simple implementation of art_rgb_svg_rgba in sodipodi, if
anybody needs it.


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