Apps using gnome-print


Can anybody suggest more apps using gnome-print-preview and/or
bonobo-print, aside gnumeric, eog and sodipodi? I would want to test out
new bpath and new rendering contexts, but haven't found much to test

Are there any reason, gnome-print-xxx methods do not test the presence of
applicable method, i.e.

if (GNOME_PRINT_CONTEXT_CLASS (((GtkObject *) pc)->klass)->xxx)
	GNOME_PRINT_CONTEXT_CLASS (((GtkObject *) pc)->klass)->xxx)(args)

I can imagine context not implementing many methods (plotters and cutters
for example), and it seems unnecessary to fill such classes with empty
functions simply to avoid segfaults.

Shouldn't gnome_print_textline be actually implemented as wrapper? Or at
least have wrapper, so if object class does not support it, we can
render it using gsave/grestore/concat/setfont etc...


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