Re: [Gnome-print] Apps using gnome-print

   From: Lauris Kaplinski <>

   Are there any reason, gnome-print-xxx methods do not test the presence of
   applicable method, i.e.

I assume you mean the methods in gnome-print.c.  I cannot think of
any fundamental reason right now.  And gnome_print_rgbaimage already
does check as you probably know.

That being said, I would not like to see too many of the current
methods being NULL.  Most of the are really most-haves, although
a thing like "beginpage" is not.

Note: gnome-print-meta should never be allowed to have NULL for
any method.  We would not want some emulation to kick in just
because someone printed via gnome-print-meta.

   Shouldn't gnome_print_textline be actually implemented as wrapper? Or at
   least have wrapper, so if object class does not support it, we can
   render it using gsave/grestore/concat/setfont etc...

On a similar note, there is a request from the Dia people to have
support for arcs -- see  It does not take many
line segments to emulate arcs for screen quality.  If anyone knows
the postscript command needed, please send a pointer.


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