Re: Intro to GNOME and the FSF

   > I think that we are not talking about a COMPLETE and LONG explanation
   > of the GNU Project, just a paragraph (maybe like the one in the GNU
   > home page) and links pointing to more info.

   One paragraph can't hurt.  If you don't claim the title page for this

   Wolfgang, please note, there isn't only one religion to believe in and
   often it is appropriate not to talk about the religion you're believing
   in.  "Good" intention only does not justify all human doing.

It's not a matter of religion here. It's a matter of the first purpose
of the GNOME project: free desktop for a free system so that end-users
can also use that system. If you don't want to work with free
software, then don't. But here we do speak of free software. And the
purpose of free software is not just "because it's fun", but because
"it's free (libre)".

Not to mention, if Richard Stallman was not so "radical", as so much
people complain about, we probably wouldn't have free software at all today...

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