Re: Does the bug tracker actually work?

* Havoc Pennington ( wrote at 00:51 on 04/08/00:
> "John R. Sheets" <> writes: 
> > Hmmm.  We (CodeWeavers) are looking into putting together a bug tracking
> > system for the Wine project, and are strongly considering debbugs.  Is
> > the suckage specific to, or to the debbugs system in
> > general?  I seem to remember hearing about problems with email header
> > fields.  Is that the main problem, or are there others?
> > 
> > I'd hate to invoke a plague of locusts upon the Wine community.  (c:
> > 
> Bugzilla is actively maintained as a general-purpose bug trackers,
> debbugs really isn't AFAIK. Bugzilla makes it easier to manage lots of
> bugs, too, IMO. I'd look at Bugzilla.
> Havoc

At first I thought debbugs was the 'best' system out there. But after I worked
with bugzilla, it was really much more powerful and it _REALLY_ helps the
coder stay on top of bugs - debbugs doesn't.

The only functionality that is in debbugs that is not in Bugzilla is an 'email
gateway' so you can email bug-reports (instead of using cookies/HTTP/etc.)


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