Re: Missing parts of desktop

On Fri, 4 Aug 2000, Lauris Kaplinski wrote:

> Possibly. But it can take years to develop. And although we have
> something to output sampled sounds, the situation with MIDI (or
> whatever other music format) is much worse.

For media manipulation in general (which would include MIDI playback), I'm
sure Gene would like help with GMF.

In general, I really disagree with your idea of having to name "official"
pieces for GNOME. We are a project to help the general community make
advances on the end-user front, not a project to start making sweeping
suggestions of what people should/should not use just because we have a
little recognition in one area. I think the as-needed adoption of things
like SDL (which I consider the "right" solution for games, although many
good ones exist) is proof that no meddling is needed from the Gnome

(Do not interpret this as discouraging you from implementing a solution to
a problem you see :)
-- Elliot
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