Re: Missing parts of desktop

On Thu, 3 Aug 2000, Elliot Lee wrote:

> For media manipulation in general (which would include MIDI playback), I'm
> sure Gene would like help with GMF.
> In general, I really disagree with your idea of having to name "official"
> pieces for GNOME. We are a project to help the general community make
> advances on the end-user front, not a project to start making sweeping
> suggestions of what people should/should not use just because we have a
> little recognition in one area. I think the as-needed adoption of things
> like SDL (which I consider the "right" solution for games, although many
> good ones exist) is proof that no meddling is needed from the Gnome
> project.

SDL is least common denominator of multimedia libraries. It standardizes
multiplatform video and sound programming, but helps little for high-level

Also, we certainly are not saying: hey, don't use that damned lib with
gnome! Everybody is and remains free to use whatever he wants, we only
make sure, that at least one solution is available for everyone and works
well. Just like with window managers - gnome has to distribute sawfish to
guarantee that everyone has good window manager available, but anyone not
content with it can use his own.


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