Re: Missing parts of desktop

On Fri, 4 Aug 2000, Lauris Kaplinski wrote:

> Also, we certainly are not saying: hey, don't use that damned lib with
> gnome! Everybody is and remains free to use whatever he wants, we only
> make sure, that at least one solution is available for everyone and
> works well. Just like with window managers - gnome has to distribute
> sawfish to guarantee that everyone has good window manager available,
> but anyone not content with it can use his own.

The analogy is flawed because the Gnome desktop requires a window manager
to run, but does not require a game library. I think it is the
responsibility of the other members of the community (i.e. those who
actually hack on serious games, in the case of the game library) to
provide one or more solutions that are available for everyone and work

I do not want the Gnome project to turn into a bunch of
program-recommending chiefs with no Indians... If you have an opinion on a
particular package, express and act upon it, and let the de facto
standardization process take its course.

-- Elliot
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