Re: User configuration update patch

On Sun, Aug 06, 2000 at 01:30:56PM -0400, Bradford Hovinen wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've attached a patch against gnome-core (CVS branch GNOME_CORE_1_2_0) as
> well as an additional file to be placed in gnome-core/gsm/update.c. These
> together add a new feature to gnome-session.
> With these modifications, the first time gnome-session is run under
> a particular version of GNOME, it probes a user's personal configuration
> when it starts up, checking if he has the configuration files from an old
> version. If he does, it prompts the user to see if he wishes to have his
> configuration updated with the new defaults. If he responds `yes', then it
> removes his panel configuration file and the old session so that they are
> loaded from the defaults. If he responds `no', it marks the session so
> that it will never prompt him again. This is to be included in Helix GNOME
> so that users who upgrade from older versions of GNOME will have the
> opportunity to update their configurations to take full advantage of the
> new default setup.
> Please have a look at the patch and source file and let me know whether I 
> have implemented things correctly.

Seems fine to me, EXCEPT, You use Helix GNOME version and refer to things as
Helix GNOME.  It should refer to the real package version.  We need to make
this all work nicely if the user has non-Helix GNOME or Helix GNOME and
upgrades from one to the other or vice versa.  Also refering to GNOME in cvs
as Helix GNOME is wrong as it is not Helix GNOME, but just GNOME.

Anyway otherwise if you fix that I think you should just commit.  (as long as
it works, I haven't tried it, just looked at the patch)


George <>
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