Re: User configuration update patch

On Sun, 6 Aug 2000, George wrote:

> Seems fine to me, EXCEPT, You use Helix GNOME version and refer to things as
> Helix GNOME.  It should refer to the real package version.  We need to make
> this all work nicely if the user has non-Helix GNOME or Helix GNOME and
> upgrades from one to the other or vice versa.  Also refering to GNOME in cvs
> as Helix GNOME is wrong as it is not Helix GNOME, but just GNOME.

Thanks for your feedback.

This patch really wasn't intended to be rolled into the main GNOME
distribution, actually, so it being somewhat Helix GNOME-specific does not
present a problem. However, we could certainly fix it up and introduce it 
into GNOME CVS provided there is a bit more peer review beforehand.

> Anyway otherwise if you fix that I think you should just commit.  (as long as
> it works, I haven't tried it, just looked at the patch)
> George

-Bradford Hovinen

"If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise."

        - William Blake, "Proverbs of Hell," 1793

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