Re: User configuration update patch

On Mon, Aug 07, 2000 at 02:56:03PM -0400, Bradford Hovinen wrote:
> Thanks for your feedback.
> This patch really wasn't intended to be rolled into the main GNOME
> distribution, actually, so it being somewhat Helix GNOME-specific does not
> present a problem. However, we could certainly fix it up and introduce it 
> into GNOME CVS provided there is a bit more peer review beforehand.

Well it would be very bad if it would not be rolled into the GNOME cvs
proper.  Mostly because I will write a similar thing over again as it's on my
todo list if it's not there.  Making it then helix specific will make this
mechanism incompatible and possibly make it fail if user switches from helix
to standard cvs or to redhat rpms.

It is a bit sad that there are "enhancements/bugfixes" of gnome that are
helix or redhat specific (I don't know of any eazel specific, but if there
are it's also sad).  Let's try to integrate all of those.  The only change
which I think makes any sense is changing a logo in the distribution or
perhaps changing some strings to refer to the specific distribution.
Otherwise I think all else should be the same.  We cannot have a unified
platform and desktop if we have several different ones.


George <>
   Personally, I'm always ready to learn, although I do not
   always like being taught.
                       -- Winston Churchill

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