sscanf bad value


I am doing an aplication for GIS (Geographic Information System) in Gnome 
but when i read a file with float values with sscanf it doesnt catch the 
correct value for example:

Point *createPnts(FILE *fp)
  Point *point;
  gfloat west, north;
  gchar cadLine[120];
  point = (Point *) g_malloc (sizeof(Point));


  g_print ("Line   %s",cadLine);

  sscanf(cadLine,"%f %f",&west,&north);

  point->west = west;
  point->north = north;

  g_print ("Points %f %f\n",point->west,point->north);

  point->index = 0;
  point->label = "";

  return point;


Line   669970.229973 491463.504886
Points 669970.00000 3,200824

It is a library build with libtool, autoconf and automake, and work 
before but now i dont know that happened.

somebody have some idea?

Fabio Ospitia Trujillo                         Tel.:   57 2 661 3837
Linux Colombia Ltda.                        Fax:    57 2 667 6596
Av 6AN # 24N - 43,  Cali   E-mail:

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