Block based UI


I recently messed with gnome-print printer, font etc. selection widgets
and found there would be very convenient to have single GnomeUIComponent
widget class, from what most Gnome complex widgets can be derived.

The problem: to build dialogs one have to bind editable enters and add
accel groups to main dialog window. Currently doing this is only possible
by hand, i.e. most changes in widget internals are binary (and some
source) incompatible.

We could instead derive new class:

GnomeUIComponent (possibly from GtkBin)

Add class methods:

void (* bind_editable_enters) (GnomeUIComponent *, GnomeDialog *)
void (* add_accel_groups) (GnomeUIComponent *, GtkWindow)

And accessor functions


So we can use blind building and keep widgets compatible.



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