Call for contributors


Due to some inadequacies in the existing offerings, I have written a new
capplet to configure XScreensaver. It is currently available in the HEAD
branch of the control-center module in GNOME CVS, under
capplets/new-screensaver-properties  It corrects all of the major problems
with the existing screensaver configuration program, including the
inability to select a subset of the available screensavers, the lack of
demo functionality on screensavers that lack a configuration
specification, and the use of separate .desktop files to get screensaver
information rather than xrdb.

What I need now are people to test the program and offer useful feedback,
and help to create configuration specs for all the screensavers that ship
with XScreensaver, so that users are presented with user-friendly
dialog boxes rather than the command lines used to run the
screensavers. The latter task involves looking at the source code
for the screensavers and finding out the meaning and acceptable values
for all the command line options. This information must then be codified
into a dialog box that is specified in a per-screensaver XML file. I have
supplied specs for the Attraction and Qix screensavers. The file README
under the screensavers/ directory describes how to create specs; please
let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

-Bradford Hovinen

"If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise."

        - William Blake, "Proverbs of Hell," 1793

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