Re: Bug-buddy feature requests (was Re: Does the bug tracker actually work?)

Paul Warren wrote:
> > 3.) Enforcement of valid email addresses.
> >
> >     Bug-buddy should enforce a bit more that people provide a valid email
> >     address for a bug report, for instance it should reject everything which
> >     looks like `root@localhost.localdomain'.
> I think that the problem here is not bug-buddy (certainly not current
> versions) but the gnome-bug script.  The former gives you an option to
> specify an email address, the latter does not, and the mail will be sent
> using the mail command and end up with an address of user@desktopmachine
> which is almost certainly not deliverable.

About a month ago, I sent boc a patch that chekes the senders email
address for this stuff.


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