Re: Does the bug tracker actually work?

Paul Warren <> writes: 
> OK, so what is needed to switch to eg. Bugzilla?  Nobody has yet has
> spoken out in favour of keeping Debbugs, although it has been suggested
> that flaky hardware may be part of the problem.

Telsa has strongly objected to the lack of an email interface, but I
do think the other issues outweigh this (waiting for Telsa to flame

> Is better hardware available if we switch to Bugzilla?

We're looking at adding a couple more machines to * at Red
Hat and spreading the existing services among them, at that point
adding the additional load of Bugzilla would be no problem. Hopefully
this will be in very near future, we are actively moving forward on

In the meantime you could use a local copy of Bugzilla to figure out
how to set up Bugzilla and migrate the old bugs, then when we get the
new machine we can give you an account and you can hop on there and
get it going. Or we can get it going and you can run your magic
debbugs converter.
> I have already said that I can put some time into shifting existing bugs
> out of debbugs.  I've installed Bugzilla on my machine to have a fiddle,
> but I don't have a working version of debbugs.  Is there any chance of
> getting access to so that I can see what is needed to get
> the bugs out of there?

I think Miguel can give you an account on that machine.


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