Re: Does the bug tracker actually work?

Paul Warren <> writes:

> > The main problem is just that the implementation is really
> > pretty bad, and it isn't backended by a database. It gets really
> > inefficient for sufficiently large number of bugs, and it is not
> > code you'd want to try and fix.
> OK, so what is needed to switch to eg. Bugzilla?  Nobody has yet has
> spoken out in favour of keeping Debbugs, although it has been suggested
> that flaky hardware may be part of the problem.

So here's the person who does.

If it's just the machine is dying why don't we just move it to a different
one ?

Maybe it's just our very broken installation which sucks, not the bug
tracker itself.  The Debian people seem to be happy with "their" bug tracker,
so we should try to find out whether it works for them and not for us.

And remember, Debbugs is GPL and Bugzilla is MPL.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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