Re: Bug-buddy feature requests (was Re: Does the bug tracker actually work?)

On Sun, Aug 06, 2000 at 03:53:31PM +0200, Martin Baulig wrote:
> I'd like to add some more "feature requests" for bug-buddy here.
> First of all, I think bug-buddy already helped a lot in getting better
> bug reports.  For instance, before the bug-buddy time most of the bugs
> had no useful backtraces at all, they contained no information about the
> system etc.
> However, there are several things which IMHO need to be added to it:
> 3.) Enforcement of valid email addresses.
>     Bug-buddy should enforce a bit more that people provide a valid email
>     address for a bug report, for instance it should reject everything which
>     looks like `root@localhost.localdomain'.

I think that the problem here is not bug-buddy (certainly not current
versions) but the gnome-bug script.  The former gives you an option to
specify an email address, the latter does not, and the mail will be sent
using the mail command and end up with an address of user@desktopmachine
which is almost certainly not deliverable.

>     It's ok to let people report bugs anonymously if their bug reports contain
>     enough useful information, but bug-buddy must print a prominent warning
>     dialog in this case and ask people whether they really want to proceed.

If we switch to Bugzilla we will need to work around the "feature" that
Bugzilla requires people to obtain a Bugzilla account before they can
submit a bug.  We can either create an anonymous bug submission account,
or we can enforce this.  The latter may be sensible in that people who
are serious about submitting helpful bug reports will be keen to track
the progress of the bug and won't mind the extra hassle of setting up an


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