Re: User configuration update patch

George <> writes: 
> It is a bit sad that there are "enhancements/bugfixes" of gnome that are
> helix or redhat specific (I don't know of any eazel specific, but if there
> are it's also sad).  Let's try to integrate all of those.  The only change
> which I think makes any sense is changing a logo in the distribution or
> perhaps changing some strings to refer to the specific distribution.
> Otherwise I think all else should be the same.  We cannot have a unified
> platform and desktop if we have several different ones.

We integrate all the Red Hat stuff that makes sense, I think. The
exception is that we have internal deadlines for bug fixes or small
features, and sometimes we can't get a new tarball by those times, so
we temporarily apply a fix that should later go upstream. The "later
go upstream" doesn't always happen immediately, but it does happen if
only because we get annoyed about the patch count. ;-)

The only huge exception I can think of is gdm, because after much
effort we stabilized a version of it and there isn't a stable upstream
version to merge our fixes with.

Other possible exceptions:
 - upstream default settings are surprising to Red Hat users so we
   change them (e.g. Sawfish in our beta acts roughly like E did in
 - our fix is such a crappy hack we know not to bother asking 
   upstream to take it ;-)

Anyway, we are careful not to try and maintain our own branch of
stuff, official Red Hat developer guidelines include "try to get stuff
applied upstream."


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