RE: vba at gnome

> From: On Behalf Of Ravi Pratap M
> Sent: Friday, August 04, 2000 10:13 AM
> Hi Martin,
> On 3 Aug 2000, Martin Oberzalek wrote:
> > What I need is an Interpreter. I need something like VBA under Windows
> > I heard that such a project exists. What's the status of it and where
> > can I find it?
> Yes, indeed, you heard right. What you've heard about is Gnome Basic.
> 	You can get it from anoncvs module 'gb' if you have CVS access.
> Otherwise, checkout the home page for a download of the
> first release.
> Ravi

I trust we aren't going to have to worry about all those wonderful VB macro
type virus type things with it right?  The built in Unix security should
prevent it right?  Or do we still run some of the same risks for a given
user...but then again...I guess the same can be said for any program if not
written properly.

Eric Bresie

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