Re: Status of gncal development...

"Justin C. Ferguson" <> writes:

> 	What is the current status of the gncal/gnome-pim stuff?  Is it 
> due to be replaced by Evolution, or is it still a viable application?  I ask,
> because I'd like to do some work updating it, and produce some patches to add
> some more functionality, but if it's due to be replaced by Evolution, I 
> don't want to waste my time...  (Personally, I hope it's not being phased 
> out, because I prefer the less-monolithic application, but I can accept it 
> either way.)

Gnome-PIM will get deprecated as soon as Evolution comes out.  The
idea is that right now only absolutely necessary bug fixes will go in

Evolution is not monolithic at all; it is built out of many
independent components.  You can use them independently if you wish.


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