Re: Why GTK+ vs. GNOME?

Evan Martin wrote:

> On Thu, 10 Aug 2000 17:37:11 -0400, Sean Middleditch said:
> >  OK, this is really naive question, but its been on my mind...
> >
> >  For the developers who don't want to use GNOME libraries, but DO want to
> >  use GTK+, what is your main reason for not wanting GNOME?
> Do you use KDE?
> If you don't, would you install KDE to use KDE apps?
> ..I wouldn't.

I use Mandrake.  They all but force KDE on you.  So I suppose I never really
looked at it that way, since I assumed most people would have both anyways...
See, I told you it was naive question.  ~,^

> GTK is required (unless you want to use Xlib... ugh) to make an X
> application; GNOME is bells and whistles in many cases.


> I'm all for GNOME, too, but I know that many people won't install it
> for the same reason I won't install KDE.  I don't lose anything by
> using GTK.


So, would you install Qt then for a Qt-only app?  Or GTK+ for GTK+ only app,
if you didn't have GTK+?  I mean, same thing, really, isn't it?  Except
GNOME is a little bigger...  ~,^

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