Re: Why GTK+ vs. GNOME?

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000 19:19:58 -0400, Sean Middleditch said:
>  I use Mandrake.  They all but force KDE on you.  So I suppose I never really
>  looked at it that way, since I assumed most people would have both anyways...
>  See, I told you it was naive question.  ~,^
Debian still has the licensing issues...

>  So, would you install Qt then for a Qt-only app?  Or GTK+ for GTK+ only app,
>  if you didn't have GTK+?  I mean, same thing, really, isn't it?  Except
>  GNOME is a little bigger...  ~,^
To use any "free" software (except terminals, maybe) for X that was
written in the past year or so, you'll have to have at least one of GTK
or QT.
I'm betting that more people will have GTK (the GIMP really helped it).

Evan Martin -

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