Print Status Applet

Tell me, what do you think the usefulness of an applet that displays
printer status is?  The print applet is very limited.. I was think of
using the code from Print-rabbit and adding a small status indicator to
printer applet, along with an option to open Print-rabbit.  I keep
trying to convert people from Windows, and they always point out one
thing or another Linux/UNIX doesn't have.  The latest such thing I've
heard is the lack of print tools.  Gnome-print takes care of one half...

I was also thinking of perhaps simply making a status-docklet for
Print-rabbit.  That might be more useful.  Is it possible to be able to
drag'n'drop to a docklet?  I haven't dug around much in the code for
docklets yet...  Nor applets...

I want to do something useful for GNOME... The update program I was
working on earlier bit the dust when I found a few other programs that
did the same thing (not to mention Helix is so popular, not many people
want to only update from standard GNOME instead of Helix GNOME).  So
maybe the printing tool thing could use my help.  ^,^  If I could find
time with AweMUD + Open Games + admincontrol + real life.... ~,^

Sean Middleditch

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