RE: Why GTK+ vs. GNOME?

1)gtk is nearly stable on windows, and there are work to port it on BeOs and
OS/2 I think.

2)Some of the gnome libraries are related to display things on the screen,
which gives applications a nice look. I think this part should be in GTK
while drag and drop, bonobo,.. should stay in gnome. I tried to convert a
gnome application created with glade to a gtk strict application. And I
found out that I had to remove half of the Gnome GUI (buttons, menus,...) to
recreate it manualy in GTK. I think this is the problem: the gnomeUI library
should be a GTK library.

3)KDE runs on Windows, which is why people think about KDE. You then reach
95% of the market. wxWindows is following the same principle it allows to
code for Gnome and Windows. So Why not have this possibility directly in
Gnome... I'm curious to see how StarOffice will be ported to gtk/gnome and
still run on windows, OS/2 and MacOS...


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Franck Martin wrote:

> I think the major problem of all this is that GTK is cross platform, while
> gnome is not: it runs on only one type of OS: Unix and Unix like.

Really?  what other platforms is gtk stable on?

> I like when I develop to use the Gnome bells and whistle, but I have the
> feeling that most of it should be inside GTK rather than in GNOME.

Ok, think about this: if you put it in GTK, then that defeats the entire
purpose of not having GNOME, doesn't it?

> For instance the Gnome icon set used for menus or toolbars should rather
> inside GTK, so when you port to windows, standard windows icons appears.

Does GTK use these icons?  I could understand wanting them in a seperate
package, but placing icons in ANY binaries/source packge that doesn't
them is kinda ludicrous...

> Gnome is a desktop interface, and should stay that, while GTK is in charge

> of displaying anything on the screen in a standard manner..

That is true.  Good point.

> So everything will be levelled between KDE and GNOME, the day a
> Windows/Mac/BeOS port of GNOME is started.

KDE runs on all these?

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