Re: Why GTK+ vs. GNOME?

* Franck Martin ( wrote at 05:34 on 11/08/00:
> Gnome is a desktop interface, and should stay that, while GTK is in charge
> of displaying anything on the screen in a standard manner..

Umm - you can actually classify GNOME in two ways:
1) Desktop interface (basically gnome-core)
2) Development Platform (all the other libraries - e.g libxml, bonobo,
gnome-print, ...)
> So everything will be levelled between KDE and GNOME, the day a
> Windows/Mac/BeOS port of GNOME is started.

Umm - sorry - but the fact of the matter is - nobody has sat down and gone
through the effort to port GNOME to Windows/Mac/BeOS. I believe many of the
libraries for GNOME have been ported to Windows or have Windows equivelant,
but I haven't seen any projects or developers working on 'Porting GNOME to

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