RE: Why GTK+ vs. GNOME?

I think the major problem of all this is that GTK is cross platform, while
gnome is not: it runs on only one type of OS: Unix and Unix like.

I like when I develop to use the Gnome bells and whistle, but I have the
feeling that most of it should be inside GTK rather than in GNOME.

For instance the Gnome icon set used for menus or toolbars should rather be
inside GTK, so when you port to windows, standard windows icons appears.

Gnome is a desktop interface, and should stay that, while GTK is in charge
of displaying anything on the screen in a standard manner..

So everything will be levelled between KDE and GNOME, the day a
Windows/Mac/BeOS port of GNOME is started.

Franck Martin
Database Development Officer
SOPAC South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission
E-mail: <> 
Web site: <> 

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