Re: Why GTK+ vs. GNOME?

Franck Martin wrote:

> I think the major problem of all this is that GTK is cross platform, while
> gnome is not: it runs on only one type of OS: Unix and Unix like.

Really?  what other platforms is gtk stable on?

> I like when I develop to use the Gnome bells and whistle, but I have the
> feeling that most of it should be inside GTK rather than in GNOME.

Ok, think about this: if you put it in GTK, then that defeats the entire
purpose of not having GNOME, doesn't it?

> For instance the Gnome icon set used for menus or toolbars should rather be
> inside GTK, so when you port to windows, standard windows icons appears.

Does GTK use these icons?  I could understand wanting them in a seperate
package, but placing icons in ANY binaries/source packge that doesn't require
them is kinda ludicrous...

> Gnome is a desktop interface, and should stay that, while GTK is in charge

> of displaying anything on the screen in a standard manner..

That is true.  Good point.

> So everything will be levelled between KDE and GNOME, the day a
> Windows/Mac/BeOS port of GNOME is started.

KDE runs on all these?

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