Re: [PATCH] to get gnome-terminal to save/restore cwd.

On Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 06:29:05AM +0100, kevin lyda wrote:
> this is a patch on the helix-code version of gnome-terminal (the gnome-core
> version 1.2.1-0_helix_3 rpm).  i'm sorry, i just don't have the bandwidth
> for cvs.  :(

i apologise again for two reasons:

	a) for following up on my own post
	b) for providing a linux-only patch.  i meant to mention this, and i
	   hope someone can rectify it.  essentially i get the child's
	   pid and use that to get the child's cwd - via /proc/<pid>/cwd.

	   obviously this is a linux specific thing.  i haven't had
	   a sco box around for some time and i don't have a test box
	   to try it with freebsd.  theoretically i could look on an
	   openbsd box but it's a sparc 1+ - have pity on me.

i hope no *bsd people take offense.  it was done for myself and a friend
and we both use linux boxes.  when i get access to a *bsd box i'll see
how to get a child's cwd.  i might get access to a solaris box too.
if someone else beats me to it i won't mind being out-ported.

writing non-portable code is a grave offense and i do in all seriousness
apologise - i just wanted it released and reviewed (and hopefully

as an aside i'm curious about the zvtterm type and the functions that
act on it.  i'm wondering if it would be better to have a function that
returned the child's pid rather then accessing the datatype directly?
there are such routines for other attributes of the zvtterm.  i was just
nervous accessing a structure beginning with an _ (_vtx) as that usually
means "implementation defined, don't count on this in the next release,
stay away."  maybe i'm too anal?  (don't answer that part)


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