Re[2]: Why GTK+ vs. GNOME?

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 > Sean Middleditch <> writes: 
 > > In case you are wondering, the reason I finally had to ask was when I
 > > read of Inti on a Slashdot article, and was puzzled over the fact that
 > > it only uses GTK+, and doesn't seem to plan to use GNOME. 
 > The main reason right now is that Inti uses unstable GTK+. So using
 > gnome-libs is simply not possible. And I'm making the first stable
 > Inti release before gnome-libs will be ready. After GNOME 2.0 comes
 > out, I'll worry about GNOME.

I have heard lot's of good stuff about GNOME 2.0 ... Anyone know how
long time will take for it to be released ?

 > As for the rest of your post, if you're on gnome-hackers you would
 > have seen my lengthy mail about why programmers have a knee-jerk
 > objection to additional dependencies of any kind. (If you're not,
 > think about it; most programmers do have such an objection.) So by
 > default they are going to not use any library. To make them use the
 > library, you have to convince them it's worthwhile. Flaming is not the
 > way to do that and many people have tried to do it that way. Vague
 > stuff about "integration" is also not going to work, you need to show
 > concrete examples of how the app would improve.
 > Notably, most of the reasons to use gnome you mentioned are in
 > _unstable_ libraries (bonobo, gnome-print). This instantly rules those
 > libraries out for many programmers. You have to realize that most
 > programmers are looking at using gnome just for the things in
 > gnome-libs that shipped with October GNOME or so; unstable libraries
 > don't go into the equation for them. Distributions are not going to
 > ship these libraries yet (and they shouldn't).
 > So the best way to get people to use GNOME libraries is to make those
 > libraries technically excellent and compelling, and then tell people
 > the concrete advantages using the library will mean for their app.
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