Re: Absolute paths

Peter Astrand <> writes:

> (Has this topic already been discussed?)
> IMHO, Unix applications should never have hard-coded file paths embedded
> into binaries. Thus, binaries should still work if you move them. 
> It would be great if Gnome worked this way. The binaries for Solaris 2.7
> provided by HelixCode, for example, have /opt/gnome hardcoded, and this is
> not where I want to / can install Gnome. I'd like to run:
> rpm -vhi <gnome RPMS> --prefix=/usr/local/gnome
> , for example, but as far as I understand, this is not possible. Can this
> be fixed? 

not really.

A lot of applications have a -DINSTALL_PREFIX=\"prefix\" compilation-time flag.

You have to use Source rpms for this.
The whole point of rpms is to avoid his if they are well done.


Mathieu Lacage <>

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