Re: Absolute paths

> If you have other suggestions for how to address the issue of finding
> support files, please do post them - it's an issue that would be nice
> to solve.
Wouldn't providing some strings of length 1024 (null-padded by default) of
the format:

so that you could just do a search-and-replace in the binaries?  True it
wouldn't allow you to relocate to really deep/big directories, but it would
work in the overwhelming majority of cases.  The stanard "CONFIGDIRECTORY:"
would allow applications to efficiently use the string as they would just do
&configstring[16] to use the string.  And it would ensure that you would
prettymuch never make mistakes in doing the search-and-replace.

Being a blatantly obvious scheme, I assume that I am not the first person
who has thought of it.  What's wrong with it, aside from it's sort of
hackish feel?

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