What's wrong with VDKBuilder?

 Actually that's my only question. The why of the question is simple. 
Glade seems to be THE Gnome RAD, but I have found by accident that 
VDKBuilder was excellent, and since GIDE seems to be utterly dead, 
VDKBuilder is the next best solution.
 Actually, I found out about VDKBuilder in a slashdot post in response to 
(I think) Miguel's comments about code-reuse.
 And while you are at it, why don't we use code-reuse ourselves. I mean 
it doesn't have to be bonobo when we talk code reuse, even though bonobo 
is important. How come each time the gnome-hackers start something, they 
start it from scratch. Are all existing GPL'ed software crappy? 
Take the gnome-admin project versus linuxconf. Helix-tools are still at 
1% of linuxconf's capabilities. Heck, I still remember I could setup dns 
from a GUI since RedHat 5.0 and maybe before that. Evolution is still at 
25% of Balsa's. Actually if Balsa folks used gtkhtml to show the 
messages, Evolution would be at 5% of Balsa's power. How come no one 
thought of copying the imap/pop3/mbox code from pine for instance instead 
of rewriting it from scratch with all the bug generation that such a 
behavior might bring. 
 Gnome basic is the most ridiculously funny example on non-code reuse. We 
have Python, and whatever your Gnome visual basic will become, it would 
never be easier to learn/use than any visual python.
 Again, what's wrong with VDKBuilder? It's at 30% of Microsoft Visual C++ 
power minus the templates wizards. Yell to your hearts content about 
Microsoft, Visual C++ is a still one the best integrated environments.

H. Aurag

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