Re: What's wrong with VDKBuilder?

There are a few reasons why this analogy doesn't work -

  OS/2 was a platform, not a feature of an office suite.

  OS/2 cost as more than Windows at the time, whereas Gnome Office
  is/was/will be $500 less than the "Standard" release of MS Office; i.e

  OS/2 has much more stringent hardware requirements than Windows did.

  OS/2 suffered from lackluster marketing at the hands of IBM, who didn't
  even offer it as an option on their own PCs for a large part of OS/2s 

If you're a corporation, you're looking at $250 for Windows 2000
Professional and $500 for Office 2000 Standard. 

If you're a home user, you're looking at $150-200 for Windows ME or
Windows 98SE and $500 for Office 2000 Standard.

In each of these instances, the cost of the Microsoft solution is nearly
as high, if not higher than the cost of the computer itself.

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Nathan Hurst wrote:

> On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, Matthew Berg wrote:
> > And whatever Visual Python becomes, it will not be compatible with Visual
> > Basic.  Which makes it useless in helping to port existing complex
> > documents to Linux.
> I once heard it said that Windows emulation killed OS/2.  The argument
> being that why run OS/2 when everything you could run was also available
> (and more) for Windows.  You will never be able to keep up with API
> changes.
> njh
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