Re: Assertions and Such

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Sean Middleditch <> writes:
> > What would be the performance gain if distributed binaries had these
> > disabled?  Would it make much of a difference?
> >
> No, the performance difference isn't noticeable.

OK then!  As a game programmer, I'm used to pushing for every single bit of
performance possible, but I guess that doesn't really apply to GUI-type
apps.  ^,^

> > And, if these were disabled by default, then any distributed application
> > would have to be guaranteed to not fail such assertions, since the app
> > would crash a lot.  Would developers then make more effort to ensure
> > their apps are error-free?
> Don't know. People are supposed to consider the warnings bugs. Some
> people apparently do not. ;-)

Ya.  Like I said, if a piece of my code has so much as one warning, I won't
release it till the warning is squashed and gone...  Maybe everyone just
isn't as picky as I am.

> Havoc
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